Tavanero.info virus: How to remove Tavanero Search?

Tavanero.info – What is it? Tavanero.info (also it famous Tavanero Search or Tavanero Homepage) is a nasty app. Many users deem that it is a virus. Because the program will act without their solution. However, security experts claim the opposite. Tavanero.info is an unwanted program, but it is not a … Continue reading

Remove Lupny.com hijacker (removal guide)


Lupny.com – What is it? Lupny.com is a fake search engine. The main goals of this app is to redirect computer users to sponsored web sites. Also, you may notice that it will display attractive ads. Thus, the creators of the program want to generate profit online via lupny.com. It … Continue reading

Remove Tech-connect.biz hijacker (Removal Tips)


Tech-connect.biz – What is it? Tech-connect.biz seems like a regular search engine. At first glance, the app offers helpful links and quick access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail. However, if you try to search, for example news or a new smartphons, the software will redirect you to plusnetwork.com. Thus, it will … Continue reading

Remove Mooonly.com: How to delete Moonly Search fully

mooonly.com virus. Moonly Search Removal

Moonly Search – What is it? Mooonly.com is not harmless application. The software just seem as a legit software. In fact, the program aims to redirect users to unsafe web resources. Also, it is designed to track your data. Thus, you should remove Moonly virus permanently. How to do that? … Continue reading

Remove 9o0gle.com “virus” Removal Guide


9o0gle.com – What is it? 9o0gle.com hijacker is not dangerous app. But! You should know, it is not a harmless app. Once infiltrate, it may cause changes and troubles. This type of malware may spread bundled with music or video players, gaming application or other shareware, freeware programs. You must … Continue reading

Remove searchinme.com Virus Removal Tips


searchinme.com – What is it? Searchinme.com is a redirect problem. The software can spread bundled with various free applications. Therefore, you may be not aware how and when it sneaked into your machine. Below we wrote full information about searchinme.com virus and how to remove it for good.

Delete hp.myway.com hijacker (removal tips)


hp.myway.com – What is it? Hp.myway.com is a nasty app. Today, you may face a plenty of search engines. However, the most of these apps are an unsafe. They may change your start page. Also, the unwanted program may lead you to suspicious web sites. The best solution is to … Continue reading

Remove Searchboro.com “virus” (uninstall guide)


Searchboro.com – What is it? Searchboro.com is a new redirect program. Though many users may consider it as a virus, in fact, the app is an unwanted program. Of course, it causes various unpleasant situations and some troubles, however technically, it is not a virus. Below we discribe how to … Continue reading

Remove MyTrustSearch.com (virus removal tips)

remove myTrustSearch

MyTrustSearch.com – What is it? myTrustSearch.com hijacker is a nasty application that a very disturb users today. Is it legit? How to delete it fully? If you need to answers to these questions, you should read the post fully. We wrote the detailed information below. It will help you to … Continue reading

Delete safesurfs.com virus (removal solution)


safesurfs.com – What is it? Safesurfs.com is not a severe malware. However, it may cause an unpleasant situations and even lead you to severe troubles. So, we offer you to examine the problem and ways how to remove safesurfs.com virus from the system fully. The guide below includes tips, recommendations … Continue reading