Uninstall Sweep Clean PC Pro Scam

Sweep Clean PC Pro

Sweep Clean PC Pro – What is it? Sweep Clean PC Pro is a nasty program that spreads via spam email campaigns. Also, the parasite may use malvertising, free software or even shareware. It will try to mislead you. The malware will send a fake popup message to scare you. … Continue reading

Uninstall Social2Search Ads (guide)


Social2Search – What is it? Social2Search is an adware and PUP. Thus, you should be aware, it will cause lots of problems. But, the app is not a hazardous virus. This kind of computer infection may lead you to unsafe applications and web sites. If you want to avoid more … Continue reading

Uninstall MPC Cleaner – Removal Guide

MPC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner – What is it? MPC Cleaner is a new fake program. It will display alerts and terrible messages. However, all these messages are a worthless data. It cannot detect viruses or infections. Therefore, you need to remove MPC Cleaner virus fully. The software is considered as a PUP. … Continue reading

Delete Rapideordinateurfixer.com pop up virus


Rapideordinateurfixer.com is a new tool for advertising. It may appear into your PC when your machine gets infected with an unwanted browser add-on installed by PUP. Thus, you should understand that all these pop up ads are caused by adware. You need to delete all malware from the system to … Continue reading

Delete HowToSuite virus from PC

HowToSuite Toolbar

HowToSuite Toolbar is a new malicious application. It belongs to a potentially unwanted program group. Free.howtosuite.com is an official website of this malware. Generally, it contains information to mislead users. It will claim that this software, compatible with well-known web browsers, will pick helpful videos and various services, so on. … Continue reading

Delete Eridanus Ads from PC

‎Ads‬ by ‪Eridanus‬

Ads by Eridanus are annoying ads. It will appear on your internet browser suddenly. You should be aware, if you notice these ads, it will mean that your system is infected with adware and PUP. Generally, similar applications have the sole intention of gaining income online. Eridanus Ads will incessantly … Continue reading

Delete Karmavil.info virus from PC


Karmavil.info is a malicious program that offers a lot of variety of traps. You may try to avoid most of them. But keep in mind, the software will use dodgy tricks to create income to scammers. We wrote detailed instructions for you. This guide will help you delete Karmavil.info for … Continue reading

How to delete dnsdaisetta.exe virus (full removal guide)

dnsdaisetta.exe remove

dnsdaisetta.exe process is a special application. In fact, this application is a part of DNS Keeper malware. The app may help open back doors to the commercial ads, deals, various coupons and pop-up windows displayed in your Internet Explorer or other web browser.

Delete Pokki & Start Menu Updated pop up infection from PC

Start Menu Updated

Pokki is a dodgy infection. It is a categorized as a PUP. If PC is infected with the infection, you will notice Start Menu Updated pop-up message when starting Windows. We wrote detailed instructions to help you to delete Pokki fully.

Remove MalwareProtectionLive.exe virus from PC

Get rid of Malware Protection Live virus

Malware Protection Live is a new PUP. Also, it is a famous as MalwareProtectionLive.exe, Malware Protection Live virus. The program claims to help speed up your computer. But it is not true. Generally, this is an unwanted software sneaks onto a personal computer together other malware and adware programs via … Continue reading