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Performer.exe in Task Manager – how to remove?

Performer.exe – What is it? Performer.exe process in the Task Manager is pretty bad novelty to get in the system. This process indicates troubles with defenSe software that makes penetration possible. Urgently check a WServices folder that must be deleted. If you omit doing this step right now, it may end up with sad consequences for your computer.

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Thegoodcaster.com Pop-up Redirect – How to remove?

Thegoodcaster.com – What is it? Thegoodcaster.com browser virus often takes place on the computers with low level of protection. That is why it becomes not difficult to find the gap and pop into the system. Thus, Thegoodcaster.com pop-ups represent essential danger for performance of your system. We recommend users once detected this computer threat on their PCs delete it as …

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Movieframe.eu Stream Video Ads – How to block?

Movieframe.eu – What is it? Movieframe.eu junk pop-ups stress the importance of security vulnerability and motivate users to investigate their systems. These notifications appear with a suggestion to visit site with toll-free videos and films. Only registration is required. In most cases, such sites are already known to the Internet visitors, so there is no need to see these irritating …

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Jaunithuw.com pop-ups redirect.

Jaunithuw.com – What is it? Jaunithuw.com malware is not you need to have on your PC, this is malicious application which aims to spread popping-up windows to redirect users to the particular sites. In this case, malicious users generate the traffic and boost the number of visitors. We strongly recommend system scanning and elimination of the malicious component as it …

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How can I block Adultmmogame.com?

Adultmmogame.com – What is it? Adultmmogame.com is a malicious site forcing Internet surfers to register for playing League of Angels III game. It is clear that the contents of such pop-ups (and the very Adultmmogame.com game) are very filthy and definitely not suitable for children. It’s also important to realize that such pop-ups are the trace of adware enabled in …

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Power.exe file on my PC – How to remove?

Power.exe – What is it? If you see Power.exe process in the Task Manager, that means there is a malicious component in the system that takes resources of your PC for suspected needs without your permission. The process like that is malicious despite the fact that your current anti-virus may not detect it as a computer threat. That is why …

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