What is Malware Solution about?

A little introduction for you.

Nowadays it becomes pretty hard to surf the Internet in total safety. Millions of viruses, adware modules, extensions, toolbars and many other potentially unwanted programs (POP’s) are overfilling the web. Experienced PC users know how to act in case of appearance of such a problem but what should the others do? How to act if your browser doesn’t open? What to do if you cannot control your emotions and you get angry with the whole entire world because of those annoying pop-ups protected by some malicious program installed on your computer? What to do if your computer works extremely slowly or doesn’t work at all? These questions are actual for too many people and we are eager to answer them.

Malware Solution promises to post only actual and useful information which can be applied practically even by inexperienced users. Everyday we are making detailed researches of new malwares and POPs in order to make you know how to deal with viruses even before they are released. We understand that well-timed information is a powerful weapon against computer malware. We are trying to write our articles in quite simple phrases to make them understandable for everybody (including your grandma).

Here’s a simple algorithm how Malware Solution team gets the viruses and finds the ways  to kill them:

  • We make a simple research of trends by monitoring and “communicating” with adware and virus developers (hackers) on specific forums in the web.

  • We pretend to be adware resellers and get the viruses straight from the source of its creation.

  • Then we install “the product” on our virtual machines and look into the problem in details. That helps us to find out all the weak spots of it and effective ways to kill the virus as soon as possible.

  • We make screenshots of all important steps we perform.

  • After this we take all gained knowledge and predigest it  it for statistically average user.

  • The last thing is content writing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – we undertake all possible measures to make sure you, our dear users, see the information we produce and help yourself with our simple removal guides.

So as you can see  from the information above that Malware Solution team is really trying to help you to make your computer the safest place in the world and to prevent you from different kinds of cyber threats. Remember that we are always eager to help you to fix any problem concerning internet and viruses on your computer.

Don’t be shy and lazy – contact us any time you need support!

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