Get rid of website – What is it? The first symptom for the presence of virus on your PC is the change in the browser’s settings. The hijacker resets as the homepage and default search provider on its own. You will be unable to revert back to your preferred settings. The … Continue reading virus removal tips – What is it? is a browser hijacker attacking Google Chrome primarily. It is also true that other browsers based on the Chromium open source project may become infected as well. Many people today see their Chrome home page hijacked and do not know what can be done … Continue reading

Remove – What is it? is a browser hijacker and it will fake as a reliable search engine. It will occupy your homepage and force you to use it. When you open your browsers, appears here. While after you input works and begin to search, you will be … Continue reading

Remove Redirect – What is it? The should be classified as browser hijacker because it can control most popular browsers and change their settings. These browsers cover almost all types of the most utilized ones, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and even Safari. And you will … Continue reading

Stop redirects – What is it? The is a malicious redirect web page. If you see it all the time when you open your browser or a new tab, or you get redirected back to it, then you must understand that your computer is infected with a dangerous software. A … Continue reading adware elimination – What is it? The website looks like a search engine optimizer, but it is not the truth. The page installs as an extension, it will do nothing to help your PC. After the thorough analisys we have confirmed that this extension is considered as a potentially … Continue reading pop-ups – how to remove – What is it? If you have noticed on your compyter, it means that it is infected with an adware. is one of advertising programs, which is also considered as a potentially unwanted. It will display various ads and pop-ups with doubtful contents. The main purpose of … Continue reading

Remove LogicHandler.exe malware

LogicHandler.exe – What is it? The LogicHandler.exe is a malicious process which may cause a lot of problems in your PC. If you get technical, this process is not a virus, but it is considered as malware. It is accosiated with ExtManager program. When this program is active, you may … Continue reading

Remove Browsebr Extensions Setup Ads by BrowserExtensionsSetup.exe

BrowserExtensionsSetup.exe – What is it? The Browsebr Extensions Setup is a program correctly considered as a typical adware and unwanted application. It generates plenty of Ads by Browsebr Extensions Setup in your browser during surch on popular websites like ebay, amazon or google search. These adverts and pop-ups are generated … Continue reading

How to Remove – What is it? The is a suspicious website that looks as a legit search engine. Many web users fall victims to this hijacker because of its deceptive installation methods and it is now set as the default home page of their browsers. There could be no real … Continue reading