How to delete Veba Search Adware from your PC?

So as you could already understand from the heading that this article is dedicated to removal of Veba Search – a popular adware module which is currently affecting thousands of computers all over the world. Nowadays Internet is full of threats and unpredictable cases. In order to decrease the number of them … Continue reading

How to remove Price-Horse from your computer?

Price-horse adware is a brand new browser hijacker which is aimed to infect your computer with all kinds of viruses by promoting various goods and services (see the attached picture). We want to warn you that these goods are not reliable, even more – often they even don’t exist. We … Continue reading complete removal guide

As we promised you, our dear readers, we are starting to publish only actual information concerning computer viruses, adwares and other possible malware. This post is dedicated to one of such computer invaders named To be honest we faced many different viruses on our experience but this one is a … Continue reading

MyStartSearch detailed removal guide

MyStartSearch is a browser hijacker that is aimed to annoy the users and to change searching options of their browsers in order to increase the traffic and popularity of sponsored resources. If you notice that your default browser search is not Google (or any other that you prefer) and instead you … Continue reading

Simple ways to disable StartUp Programs

Ok, as you have already understood this article is dedicated to disabling startup programs which makes your computer to boot faster. You could probably notice that the more programs you install on your PC, the more time it takes your PC to load all of them is StartUp. It happens because … Continue reading

General recommendations about how to be safe in the web

Ok, let’s start our collaboration. If you found this page then we can make an assumption that you have some problems with your computer. Or maybe you don’t, and you are just looking for some useful information concerning computer viruses. You found it. But before we start our informational exchange … Continue reading