MiniLiteSvc.exe virus – How to get rid of?


MiniLiteSvc.exe – What is it? This post contains full information about this a nasty and malicious process. We recommend you follow the detailed guidelines below to remove MiniLiteSvc.exe virus fully.

How to delete LotteryStream malware fully?


LotteryStream is a new swindler program. It promises to provide users with the latest lottery results. Therefore, some naive internet surfers consider that LotteryStream is a rightful internet browser plug-in. Unfortunately, it is not true. In fact, this program is identified as a browser hijacker which may add special extensions … Continue reading

Delete malware (helpful tips) (or is a malicious website aimed to provide your PC with many infections. Once you visit it your computer will get a big portion of adwares and trojans which instantly start their harmful activity. Take on trust, that you need to delete any traces of from your … Continue reading virus removal solution is a malicious program, which will attack Google Chrome browser. This type of malicious program is classified as a browser hijacker. Once installed, your regular home page Google Chrome will change to (may be RAFO Technology or DealWifi). Even if you decide to open a new tab, it … Continue reading

Delete redirect virus is a dodgy software. Very often may seem that it is a regular and helpful program, which may help user to search various information quickly and effectively. But, it is not true. Actually, this is a browser hijacker. Similar type of viruses may change your browser settings without your … Continue reading

Delete MyStartSearch virus (removal guide)

mystartsearch virus

MyStartSearch is a browser hijacker that is aimed to annoy the users and to change searching options of their browsers in order to increase the traffic and popularity of sponsored resources. If you notice that your default browser search is not Google (or any other that you prefer) and instead … Continue reading

Delete Astromenda Search (full instructions)

Astromenda Search (sometimes WSE_Astromenda) is a browser hijacker. Keep in mind, it might be very difficult to remove it. Moreover, this unwanted application may bring some changes. Unfortunately, after similar changes very difficult to restore web browser. We recommend you to get rid of from your PC. To do … Continue reading

Get rid of iStartsurf virus removal helper is categorized of browser hijackers.They will display a bunch of various pop-up ads and automatically redirect naive internet surfers to the promoted internet projects and websites. This is the deceptive way may artificially increase their rating. All these actions to reach the major goal of this browser attacker namely … Continue reading redirect virus (removal solution) is a new nasty browser hijacker that can alter your browser settings default. It can monitor any or even all your internet browser. First of all, the hijacker alters your home page and then default search engine. Moreover, every your search will redirect to unfamiliar even dangerous websites. It … Continue reading

MyOneSearch-How to delete it?


MyOneSearch application is promoted as a free program. The developers of this application claim that it can help internet users block unsecure and doubtful websites. But you should not believe them. Actually, MyOneSearch is categorized as a browser hijacker. We recommend to delete it to avoid various troubles. In this … Continue reading