How to Remove cpx.exe Virus

cpx.exe – What is it? cpx.exe is an executable, whose appearance is a sign of the presence of a malware on your PC. Yes, if it comes your way, then your system is no longer infection-free. It’s harboring a potentially unwanted program. In case, you’re unfamiliar, that’s bad. You’re in … Continue reading

Remove Shortcutboost.exe (YesSearches) from PC

Shortcutboost.exe is related with the YesSearches virus hijacker. It will protect and other browser hijackers from deletion. This malicious process is hidden from users. Therefore, when you notice the new start page and decide to delete it from your web browser, you can fail. Thus, if you want to … Continue reading

Delete dnstehachapi.exe virus from IE, FireFox, Chrome


Dnstehachapi.exe is a malicious process. It is related with DNS Keeper malware. You may detect this process in the Task Manager. Moreover, you can discover it via Control Panel. Just open a folder the Program Files. To remove dnstehachapi.exe virus, you should follow the guide below.

How to delete Raydld.exe/ihpmServer.exe virus (full guide)


Raydld.exe/ihpmServer.exe is a new really malicious process. Unfortunately, it attacks lots of personal computers in the network today. When you open your web browser, you will notice that your internet browser (or web browsers) is (are) modified. Thus, you will see a new, unfamiliar start page on your screen.

MiniLiteSvc.exe virus – How to get rid of?


MiniLiteSvc.exe – What is it? This post contains full information about this a nasty and malicious process. We recommend you follow the detailed guidelines below to remove MiniLiteSvc.exe virus fully.

System Maintenance Service 1.18 detailed removal instructions

System Maintenance Service 1.18 was created to be a real cyber threat for many inexperienced users nowadays. It will not make any extremely bad affect on your computer at once but if you neglect our advice to remove it as soon as possible. Then you will probably have serious problems … Continue reading

ConvertFilesForFree – how to remove these annoying ads?

So, ConvertFilesForFreeis not actually a useful converting tool. Quite to the contrary, it is a pretty dangerous application which will bring much damage to your PC unless you undertake all necessary measures concerning removal of this adware module. We are eager to help you with this, the only thing you need … Continue reading