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Satori botnet author pleaded guilty. He faces up to 10 years in prison

Sartori author pleaded guilty

The 21-year-old creator of several IoT botnets, including Satori, Kenneth Currin Schuchman, also known as Nexus Zeta, has pleaded guilty for creation and operation of several botnets, which were majorly used for DDoS attacks. Schuchman not only leased his botnets to other criminals, but also used them himself, arranging DDoS attacks for various purposes. Let me remind you that the …

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Microsoft started using deep learning to detect PowerShell scripts

PowerShell Using Deep Learning

Microsoft started to use deep learning to improve the PowerShell malware detection feature, which is equipped with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Scientific and technological advancements in deep learning, a category of algorithms within the larger framework of machine learning, provide new opportunities for development of state-of-the art protection technologies. Deep learning methods are far outweigh traditional methods for …

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Criminals use the Cloudflare Workers platform to bypass antiviruses and distribute Astaroth malware

Astaroth uses Cloudflare Workers

As part of a recent malware campaign, criminals distributed a new version of Astaroth malware. To prevent detection of antivirus software, attackers use the Cloudflare Workers platform. Cloudflare Workers is a collection of scripts running on Cloudflare servers. They are located in data centers in 90 countries and 193 cities. The platform allows running any JavaScript code without the need …

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Experts found a critical vulnerability in the Cisco routers with a threat level of 10 out of 10 points

Critical Vulnerability in Cisco Router

In several series of Cisco IOS XE routers has been discovered critical vulnerability. This is a rare case when a vulnerability is rated at 10 out of 10 on a threat scale. Cisco Systems strongly recommends urgently installing a patch on routers running the IOS XE operating system. The vulnerability CVE-2019-12643, which eliminates this patch, received a rare 10 points …

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