Get rid of FindoPolis adware (guide)

FindoPolis – What is it? FindoPolis looks helpful application. The program will offer you to improve your experience online. However, believe it or not, but this software is an adware. It may distribute together with a cost-free applications. What’s more, FindoPolis will install without your solution. If you need more … Continue reading

Delete FindRight Deals adware

FindRight Deals

FindRight Deals – What is it? Today ads from FindRight Deals may disturb people permanently. The adware is a very intrusive application. Your screen and web browser will be flooded with various advertisements. In fact, it is a worthless application. However, there are people considering FindRight Deals as a useful … Continue reading

How to delete Wajam add-on from PC

Ads by Wajam

Wajam – What is it? Sometimes, you will notice different Wajam Ads on your screen. Generally, these adverts are displayed in the kind of obtrusive and annoying banners. In this guide you find detailed instructions to delete Wajam Ads from PC quickly and effectively.

MyOneSearch-How to delete it?


MyOneSearch application is promoted as a free program. The developers of this application claim that it can help internet users block unsecure and doubtful websites. But you should not believe them. Actually, MyOneSearch is categorized as a browser hijacker. We recommend to delete it to avoid various troubles. In this … Continue reading

InterYield pop-ups – detailed instructional removal guide is a malicious website aimed to provide your computer with many viruses. Once you visit it your computer will get a big portion of adwares and trojans which instantly start their malicious activity. Take on trust, that you need to get rid of any traces of from your computer, … Continue reading