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Ok, let’s start our collaboration. If you found this page then we can make an assumption that you have some problems with your computer. Or maybe you don’t, and you are just looking for some useful information concerning computer viruses. You found it. But before we start our informational exchange we’d like you to get acquainted with our “About Malware Solution” for further facility of comprehension.

This is our first post and we are glad to start helping you right now. The following recommendations will help you to prevent the appearance of computer viruses in your system and stay safe while surfing the web and using your computer in general.

Step one. Downloading and Installing a reliable antimalware tool

Actually it is one of the most important things that you can do manually without any professional external assistance. Having a reliable AV-tool installed on your PC is half the battle. The effect of any further actions related to virus removal process slim to none if you don’t have any professional tool to scan your computer, find problems and solve them.

The biggest problem concerning this topic is to choose an effective tool, not a useless trash or another fraud software. Our team consists of qualified professionals and each of us has used many AV-tools during our lifetime experience. After many hours of conversations and and disagreement with each other we made a common conclusion that there is no any perfect tool to protect user’s PC. But still there are many alternative variants which can worthily serve your safety. One of such variants is Trojan Killer by GridinSoft LLC.

trojan killer

 It is a perfect tool both for home and corporate usage. Developed specifically for automatic removal of viruses, bots, spyware, keyloggers, trojans, scareware and rootkits without the need to manually edit  system files or registry, Trojan Killer additionally fixes system modifications that were introduced by malware and which, regretfully, are often ignored by some popular antivirus scanners. Also Trojan Killer is quite easy to install and to use due to its intuitive interface. We strongly recommend you to start protecting your computer with this antimalware tool. Thousands of users have already tested Trojan Killer on their PCs which means that you have nothing to worry about.  You can download it by clicking the link below.

кнопка загрузки

After you downloaded Trojan Killer by GridinSoft LLC you should install it on your PC and make sure it works as is right and proper. If so then scan your computer with it and delete all detected threats. More details about how to use Trojan Killer you can find in a specific program manual.

Step two. Learning simple rules about surfing the Internet

After you have installed a specialized antimalware tool on your computer the risk to be infected falls by 55-73%. The other part is your awareness and knowledge. You must learn one simple fact: in 50% cases users themselves install viruses on their computers. The thing is that they do that not in purpose. In this article we’ll tell you how to avoid this scenario.

Before starting an active use of the web make sure you know a few simple rules about it. In this part of our article we’ll list all these recommendations and explain all of them yo you. So let’s start :

  1. Once you turn on your PC make sure that the booting goes well and it works in regular way. If you notice something unusual (the boot takes too much time or it doesn’t boot at all etc) then you need the help of professionals. Remember the following advice: don’t use the Internet on your computer if it works extremely slow because it may lead to worse consequences.
  2. Whenever you open your browser make sure that your homepage is the one you have set up previously. If your homepage is replaced by some other and everytime you open a new tab you see a different page – it means that your computer has recently been infected by some virus with a probability of 99%. In this case you need to scan your computer with your antimalware tool that is already installed on your computer.
  3. Never click on pop-up windows on suspicious websites. Usually, clicking on these links lead to serious infections of your computer. First we should notice that these pop-ups never show useful and relevant information. Quite to the contrary, they advertise sponsored and promoted links which are aimed to infect millions computers all over the world with adwares, viruses, trojans etc. Once user clicks on such pop-up the server gives the command to plug in a malicious module into your system. If it happens – you will definitely need help of professionals to fix the problem.
  4. You should always read license agreements when you install something on your computer or when you register on some forums or other web resources. The thing is that hackers and developers of viruses often bundle them with other popular free applications and upload them to popular websites distributing software. You must be vigilant and always choose the custom way of installation and make sure that you unmark all the ticks responsible for bringing any toolbars, extensions, browser hijackers, viruses, add-ons and adwares to your computer. This is probably the most useful advice for inexperienced Internet users.
  5. One more advice for you: disable all startup programs. It will help you to prevent the appearance of many viruses which self-install once the installation file is in the system. You can disable your Startup Programs in several ways. If you are interested in effective and quick ways how to do that please follow this simple guide. 
  6. And finally you should generally be very careful and vigilant while surfing the web. Nobody can predict the appearance of any kind of potentially unwanted programs in your system. Many new ways of haw to infect computers are created every single day and unfortunately hackers are always one step ahead antiviruses.

Remember these simple advices and you will reduce the risk to be infected. Good luck!

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