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Gridinsoft Anti-malware Review

Gridinsoft Anti-malware is an antivirus tool that is produced by Gridinsoft LLC. A lot of people have questioned whether it is safe or legitimate – and the fact that it has ‘spy’ in the name makes the concerns quite easy to understand. Gridinsoft Anti-malware is a legitimate application, and it has been around for many years.

Gridinsoft LLC are working to update the app, and to keep their malware database current, so that it can eradicate the worst infections. In addition, they offer some useful tips for how to avoid getting infected with malware in the first place.

Gridinsoft Anti-malware Benefits & Features

Gridinsoft Anti-malware is good at curing malware infections. It can detect most common infections, get rid of them, and reset your computer’s settings to something close (or in many cases identical to) what they were before.

Gridinsoft Anti-malware

Gridinsoft Anti-malware offers some protection from Malware once it is installed as well. Now, that doesn’t mean that your computer is suddenly impervious to attacks – if you were to surf less reputable areas of the internet and download things without thinking or paying attention you would likely find that you got infected with a lot of malware – but Gridinsoft Anti-malware will stop many of them, and it will stop a lot of “drive by downloads”, and other issues as well. It has a very good set of definitions, that includes things that traditional antivirus software misses.

Primary Functions

However, Gridinsoft Anti-malware is not an antivirus program in and of itself. Rather, it is an anti-malware app. This means that it works by eliminating malware of the kind that you’re likely to find on adult sites or on gambling focused sites. It offers a good Safe Mode tool, and it has some useful tools for getting rid of existing infections – including remote-control options for people who might need a little extra support. However, it won’t completely replace a firewall and antivirus, and there are some times when it will miss infections that free tools spot.

Gridinsoft Anti-malware Tools

Of course, considering how quickly the world of malware is evolving, this is easy to understand. No one company can catch every infection that exists, so they can be forgiven for not having a perfect database. The thing that makes Gridinsoft Anti-malware worth paying for isn’t the database, it’s the value adds such as the HelpDesk, which you wouldn’t get with free software. If you’re a little nervous when it comes to your computer, then you might want the helping hand that thy can give you. Tips about online safety, infection prevention and privacy can be invaluable for a certain segment of the market, and an easy to use cleanup service is good too – even if it doesn’t catch everything.

Gridinsoft Anti-Malware

Gridinsoft Anti-malware will spot a lot of issues, including everything from very serious backdoors to “adware helpers”, and categorizes them according to risk, then gives you the option to clean up the infections that it finds. All of this can be done with just a few mouse clicks and you don’t really need to know what you’re doing to take advantage of it – just test, clean, reboot and enjoy.

Gridinsoft Anti-malware has something of a bad reputation because it is heavily promoted, and some people feel that they were “tricked” into purchasing the program, but that isn’t really what happens in most cases. It’s not a piece of “scare-ware”, rather it’s a program that is offered as a free trial download, but if you want all of the features you will have to pay for it. If you opt not to pay for it your computer’s malware infection won’t suddenly “get worse” – you have nothing to lose and if you were to use something else instead.

Real-Time Protection

One thing that Gridinsoft Anti-malware is lacking though is true real time protection. It can block certain changes (such as your home page, search options or DNS settings though), which is a useful feature. However, since it is not claiming to be an antivirus, this is not a big deal. You could run Gridinsoft Anti-malware alongside something like the free version of Windows Defender and you would have an adequately protected computer for the most part.

Is Gridinsoft Anti-malware Safe To Buy?

Is Gridinsoft Anti-malware worth the money? Well, the basic malware protection tool is average – but the HelpDesk swings it. It offers something similar to the GeekBuddy service that you can pay for with Comodo – and it is a really useful service for those times when you are drawing a blank with malware removal yourself. If you don’t want to have to call out a tech support service, then yest, Gridinsoft makes sense – it’s a small payment to make for remote tech support, and the support guys are pros when it comes to getting rid of malware, so as long as you can get online to get help from them, yes, it’s a good investment.