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Remove survey – What is it? Users often meet Start Your IQ Test pop-ups in while surfing the Internet. They appear with the information about an annual survey or lottery, Internet visitors may participate for free or after the registration that is also toll-free. Congratulations on winning a new gadget from Apple users receive just at once. The notifications about …

Read More » Ads Removal Instruction – What is it? is a malicious site forcing Internet surfers to register for playing #1 Adult Game game. It is clear that the contents of such pop-ups (and the very game) are very filthy and definitely not suitable for children. It’s also important to realize that such pop-ups are the trace of adware enabled in your …

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seser.exe in Task Manager – how to remove?

seser.exe – What is it? seser.exe process in the Task Manager is pretty bad novelty to get in the system. This process indicates troubles with defenSe software that makes penetration possible. Urgently check a SysWOW64 folder that must be deleted. If you omit doing this step right now, it may end up with sad consequences for your computer.

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