Remove – What is it? is a browser hijacker that can alter your preferences without your permission. It can replace your home page and cause other unwanted modifications like inserting ads into your browsers, causing redirects, tracking your cookies, and so on. Although these may seem like minor inconveniences, … Continue reading

Remove homepage (instructions) – What is it? What is ? In fact, it is a fake search engine. Of course, at first glance, the search engine looks like trustworthy app, however, it will display irrelevant data and useless advertisements. Also, the program may be installed without your authorization. All these signs … Continue reading

Remove (uninstall guide) – What is it? is a browser hijacker currently amending settings for many widely used browsers. The hijacker, on the other hand, is absolutely not able to furnish users with any adequate search results. Its main purpose is to display plenty of intrusive advertisement banners in the home … Continue reading redirect elimination – What is it? If your Chrome or Firefox browser is behaving strangely these days and your searches are getting redirected to various sponsored web pages, ads and pop-ups, then most probably your browser has been hijacked and your homepage or search engine might have been replaced with some … Continue reading

Get rid of browser extension – What is it? is a Potentially Unwanted Program (possible known as adware), which installs itself on Internet browsers when users downloaded free software from websites that promote bundled custom installers. Developers of this adware use a dubious software marketing method named bundling to install the plugin … Continue reading

Get rid of redirects – What is it? is an adware or potentially unwanted program which has been classified as a redirect virus. It get into the computer via the cost free download or accessing suspicious sites. This redirect virus get into the computer without your consent and confirmation of the victim.

Block page – What is it? is a malicious cyber infection. At first glance, what it appears to be is a legitimate search engine which promises to provide accurate and safe search results. Of course, it doesn’t deliver. The page is a sign that there is a browser hijacker lurking … Continue reading